[Bug-12824]Windows not opening on startup

I just installed the latest 2/14/2019 and started importing a bunch of vision screens in from an old 7.9.9 project. I definitely can’t get any screens to open on startup no matter what I try.

Gateway = Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
Client/Designer = Windows 7 Enterprise


EDIT: I also created a brand new project and added a single new screen and it behaves the same.

I moved this to a new topic, since the core issue in the previous topic was resolved, although this issue is definitely a problem. We’ll investigate and see what’s going on.

I’ve been fighting this too.
I added a client startup script:

system.nav.openWindow( ‘Header’, {} )
system.nav.openWindow( ‘Navigation’, {} )

Both open when the application starts but there are times when the Navigation panel seems to be duplicated with one overlapping the other. It goes away when I select a different tab but I haven’t been able to determine a pattern to it yet.

This issue should be fixed in the latest build. Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.