[BUG-12837] Table History Update Breaks Series in XY Chart

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not or if I’m doing it incorrectly, but I have a XY Chart that queries tag history based on a date range that I reference based on a dropdown selection. Most of the time when the data updates the chart blanks out with “Cannot set property ‘segment’ of undefined” in place of the chart. If I go into the properties for the series and just delete 1 character of the series[0].data.y value and replace it, the chart updates with that series. The value is static, should I be setting this each time I update data from my datasource?

EasyChart completely replaces the inner chart object when it updates. So yes, that series data in the chart will be reconstructed from the source data every time. Correct your source data or use the configureChart() method to fix things up every time. (It runs right after the inner chart is constructed and before it is displayed.)

What about for the perspective XY Chart?

Whoops! Don’t know that answer.

Oh, sorry I am using the Perspective chart. It’s pretty solid but I’m finding a couple issues here and there.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it.

It’s definitely a bug that a few people have reported already. We are aware and are working on resolving this issue within the next two weeks. It makes sense that by changing the properties of the series the chart will update to display correctly, since in this case the entire chart will regenerate when it senses configuration changes. We applied more intelligent logic to the data source, so that we don’t regenerate the chart every time the data changes. Clearly we’ve missed a few cases. -Yousuf

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This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (4/19).