[BUG-12856] Nested tables or self-adjusting size on table subviews

Would love to have nested tables- ie, table with subview that has a table with subview, etc. This works query-wise, and I can auto-adjust the size of the subview based on the number of rows returned for it. However, I don’t see how to adjust the size of the “parent” subviews. So if the first subview has one row, I can make that view fit that size. If THAT view contains a table also, and that row has a subview that returns 10 rows, I can make that new subview the right size, but the original (first level) subview is still only 1 row high. Hopefully that made sense, if not I can demo.


Yes, please provide some sort of illustration to go along with your use case. I’m having a hard time following along. I’m also curious to know the purpose of the nested tables as subviews. We are seeing a lot of this, and I’m wondering if there’s another feature we are missing (i.e. pivoting). Thanks. -Yousuf

This issue was fixed in the nightly 8.0.2 build that was uploaded today (4/26).