[BUG-1287] Edge tag provider missing

I’ve installed an Edge Gateway that seems to be missing it’s default edge tag provider. I’m thinking it has to do with having restored a backup from another edge gateway, but can’t be sure. There are no settings in the gateway for tag provider configuration like in the standard Ignition gateway. Should I just blow this install away and start over or am I missing something staring me in the face…thanks!!

Did you happen to restore a .gwbk (possibly disabled?) We’re currently missing a way to re-enable the tag provider on Edge (whoops).

If that’s the case, Support can probably get things straightened out for you - the procedure to re-enable isn’t too complicated, but it’s in a theoretically “dangerous” area where you could break things.


Yep! That’s exactly what I did. I’d love that support, I have created a bunch of device connections that I’d rather not have to reconfigure. Should I submit a ticket then?

Yeah, I would recommend calling/emailing support - they can either connect to your system live, or else send you the instructions on how to re-enable the tag provider.

Thanks, I’ve submitted a ticket.

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I’m having the same issue after restore .gwbk, but I can’t find any reference to what do I have to do to solve it.

Is this still an issue in 8.1.x?

Yes, I just finished manually updating the internal database for someone who had restored a gwbk as disabled and the edge provider was disabled as well.

I was lucky and could roll back a few versions without much hassle.

Still its weird that this is a problem 2-3 years after the first report…

Just started some QA prep to upgrade a customers Edge gateway. The following took place and got me here:

  1. Installed Ignition 8.1.4 Edge Gateway to QA Server
  2. Performed usual checkouts of Gateway, nothing funny going on, all was good!
  3. Got Production copy of Edge Gateway, OG version was 7.9.17
  4. Performed Restore Function on QA Gateway, contents/assets in disabled mode, also overrode Gateway Name to QA name needed
  5. Gateway started, no issues appear in log, health/performance all good as well

After all this, Tag Provider section does not show up in Config or Designer at all!

Reattempted to Restore again NOT DISABLED and same issue occurred, not sure what’s up with that?

Definitely still a bug, please remediate ASAP!

Pretty sure this has been fixed. You are almost certainly not getting the fix because you are not using the latest release. Why are you doing that?

Customer wants to level set all Gateways as the same version across their system setup, unfortunately out of my hands for now… But this may be able to warrant a strong enough case in which we may need to move from the obvious problem! Do you happen to know the minimum version that contains the fix?

I’m not sure it’s fixed in any version, the ticket is still open from what I can see.

In 8.1.11 you’re able to edit tag providers on Edge, which includes the ability to re-enable them.