[BUG-1287] Edge tag provider missing

I’ve installed an Edge Gateway that seems to be missing it’s default edge tag provider. I’m thinking it has to do with having restored a backup from another edge gateway, but can’t be sure. There are no settings in the gateway for tag provider configuration like in the standard Ignition gateway. Should I just blow this install away and start over or am I missing something staring me in the face…thanks!!

Did you happen to restore a .gwbk (possibly disabled?) We’re currently missing a way to re-enable the tag provider on Edge (whoops).

If that’s the case, Support can probably get things straightened out for you - the procedure to re-enable isn’t too complicated, but it’s in a theoretically “dangerous” area where you could break things.


Yep! That’s exactly what I did. I’d love that support, I have created a bunch of device connections that I’d rather not have to reconfigure. Should I submit a ticket then?

Yeah, I would recommend calling/emailing support - they can either connect to your system live, or else send you the instructions on how to re-enable the tag provider.

Thanks, I’ve submitted a ticket.

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I’m having the same issue after restore .gwbk, but I can’t find any reference to what do I have to do to solve it.

Is this still an issue in 8.1.x?

Yes, I just finished manually updating the internal database for someone who had restored a gwbk as disabled and the edge provider was disabled as well.

I was lucky and could roll back a few versions without much hassle.

Still its weird that this is a problem 2-3 years after the first report…