[BUG-12883] Repaints of tab strip

I have a north and west docked window. The north drives visibility of tab strips on the west.

When I select between tabs… there’s quite a repaint bug. I haven’t had this issue before.


Could you upload an export of those docked windows?

I can send them to you if you swing me an email address, I don’t want to upload.

There’s nothing special, it’s literally just tabs, logo, labels and the old objects from the original templates in the last release for switch user, logout, alarms …

Are you using any transparency?

No I even set the tab strips to have a background and it had no effect

Are you sure you changed all of your tab strip’s background colors? I was able to reproduce a painting issue, but only when at least one tab strip was set to a transparent background. Either way, I’ve filed a ticket for us to investigate internally.

Thanks mate. Yeah all the backgrounds are filled. I’ll eagerly await a fix.

The Tab Strip has couple of rendering issues:
1 Random graphic left overs in the background after you click any tab, see tab strip next to chart.
2 After running the mouse over the tabs little white stars appear on the corners, see RH example below.

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@DaveD24 - I moved your post into this thread, as it looks like the same underlying issue. Thanks for the report.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.2 nightly build that was uploaded yesterday (5/8)


I have the same issue with Ignition 7.9.
When the window containing the tab strip is opened for the first time, I have this bug :

My tab strip uses Transparency.
When I drag the mouse over it, it repaints normally.
Any way to get rid of that issue?

I have the same issue, searched the forum and found this thread - but no responses…???
I have 7.9.13 and the Tab Strip holds some graphic remnants in memory until you wipe over it with the mouse, then all is normal…
Has anyone found the root cause of this?

I had the repaint issue as well as an issue with being able to select some tabs.

In the end I spent a couple of days and created my own database driven tab strips, that can be managed from the HMI. Better result overall for my application.


This issue was fixed in 8.0.2, but don’t believe a fix was backported to 7.9. The painting issues you are seeing stems from how opacity is handled. If possible, I would avoid using transparent colors for tab strips for the time being.