[Bug-12886]Ignition 8 Beta Perspective Popup issue

Hi Ignition Development Team,

I just noticed in the last downloaded update an issue on the Popup properties

(see yellow marked)


Also, I where a bit curious if it would be possible to make any changes on the PerspectiveClient StyleSheet so it would be possible to tweak the Popup window for instance?

Yes, I already opened an internal ticket for this issue, and it should be fixed before release.

As for “tweaking” the popup window, do you mean the Popup you are generating, or the Popup window from your screenshot?

If you’re talking about the Popup window you generate based off of these parameters, then that would be done in the View you’ve selected to be used for the Popup.

If you’re instead talking about the actual frame of the Popup… then… potentially? What are you looking to do?

Yes, I mean the frame of the Popup window, it would be nice if i would be possible to create a custom style for this, so it would be possible to give it a materialized view for instance

Do you have an example or screenshot of what you’re looking for? Or could you take a screenshot of the popup and highlight what you’re looking to be able to change?

At the moment I’m Not able to reproduce the ‘Popup’ window any more of some Error which prohibits me to create any ‘Views’


Is there a way to fix this?

But about i will provide a url which should give you an idea about the design which i hopefully able to create with some styling

Keep up the good work for so far :slight_smile:

The Browser Library error should no longer be an issue if you upgrade to a newer build (although -temporarily - if you see any popups while launching the Designer regarding your Chromium profile, please just press ok and allow the Designer to continue on).

As for the “Dialogs” you’re looking to create - it’s entirely on you to create/design them. Popups in Perspective are just Views you have created, opened in a Popup window. If you’d like to have a Popup with Radio Buttons in it, you just have to make a View with a Radio Group, and then configure the Popup Action to use the new View.

The Configure popup Action screen you shared is where you configure the Popup window which will house the View you specify in the Select View Input field. If you click the “down” chevron in the Select View field, you’ll see a list of all of your Views, and you can select which one you’d like to use for the Popup.

Parameters is where you would pass Parameters the selected View would need for this instance.

Identifier should be a unique value (this is how the Gateway opens/closes/toggles your popup without accidentally closing a different Popup).

Title will be the title across the top of the Popup (may be blank).

I already update my Ignition 8 2 days ago to the latest ‘Nightly’ Version but still facing issues with the library error

From my point of view when I told to an event to open a particular view as popup it will create a popup window like:


where it’s not possible to get rid of the top border for instance also it’s not possible to change the look of this window in a materialized look

one of my first question on this forum if it would be possible to create a custom ‘PerspectiveClient.css’ Style sheet file


which allow me to create on this way an own design of the popup easly

The Browser Library issue was resolved in the 20190307 build.
Starting 3/11 or 3/12, the Popup Title Bar should no longer be in place if the following conditions are met:

  1. there is no title
  2. the closeIcon is not enabled
  3. the popup is not draggable

If any of those three conditions is not met, the Title Bar will remain in place.

As for allowing customization of the Popup shape, that will not be customizable at release, though I’ll open a feature ticket to make it customizable at some point in the future.

At the Popup Location and Position Part (yellow marked) a part of these input is not visible in this view

I already addressed this concern.

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This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded on 3/9. Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.

Thanks for the quick response and good looking result :ok_hand:

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