[Bug-12898]Perspective Numeric Entry Field Input Bounds Are Overzealous

Using 1.0.0-beta0 (b2019021702)

When using input bounds on a numeric input, if the entered value is outside the configured input bounds at any time (even prior to pressing enter), the final value will not be accepted.

e.g. minimum inputBound is 5

If the user enters 50, the entry is accepted because 5 is accepted, as is 50.

However if the user enters 49, the input is rejected because for a short time, the entry was β€œ4” which is outside the permitted bounds. If the user enters the 9 first, then moves the cursor to the left of the 9 to enter the 4, the entry is accepted as both β€œ9” and β€œ49” are above the minimum of 5.

Likewise if the entry currently reads 35, and the user backspaces the 5 to enter a 6, the entry is rejected as the entry was briefly 3. However if the user selects the 5 and types a 6, the entry is accepted as the entry was changed directly from 35 to 36, which are both accepted.

That looks to be exactly what is occurring. Internal ticket opened and we’ll get right on this one. Good find.

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Looks like I did not update this post - but this was fixed for 8.0.0. Let me know if you have any other issues.

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Thanks, yes that’s working now

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