[Bug-12922] Vision Welcome Image scaling

  1. When uploading an image and selecting it for the welcome image in a vision project the image’s resolution is resized to the default size of the default ignition icon.

  2. I was expecting as in 7.9 that the image’s resolution would be resized to the native resolution of the image.

  3. I uploaded an image with dimensions of 600x200 to the image using the image management then under project properties/Login selected the image as the welcome image. When launching my client using the client launcher the rectangular image is squished into the square dimensions of the default welcome image.

  4. I am running version 8.0.0-beta0 b2019021902

I’m only familiar with one spot to set the Project “Welcome” image, and that’s in Project Properties > Vision > Launching > Launch Icon, so my entire answer will be based off of you using that field…

First off, that property will be disappearing entirely before release, as we will be moving it (most likely to Project Properties > Project > Launching > Launch Icon as a Project can be both Perspective AND Vision).

Secondly, the image will be scaled to dimensions of 32px x 32px (hover over the field and you can read the tooltip) going forward because we’re doing several things with that image which we have not done before, including displaying it on the Gateway (from your Gateway Home Page, click the View Projects button; each tile in there will be the Launch Icon for the relevant project), and in the Application Launcher (both the Vision Client Launcher and the Ignition Perspective mobile device Application Launcher).


All of the launchers require that we supply an image of a manageable size, hence the scaling.

Perspective Application Launcher:

Vision Client Launcher:

Rather than delete my previous post, I’ll just continue on as I’ve found the actual “Welcome Image” you’re referring to…

It is indeed scaling to fit into a square. I’ll open an internal ticket to determine if this is the behavior we’re looking for or if these changes were unanticipated.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.3 nightly build that was uploaded yesterday (5/23).


Currently, I’m running Ignition 8.0.12.
I still got the problem of the welcomes image that’s scaled-down.

The image with the size in image management:

Project properties:

Launch screen:

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That’s intentional (for better or for worse) - as the tooltip notes, larger images will be scaled down. The change made in 8.0.3 was to avoid cropping the image to make it fit - instead, it will be resized to fit within a square without destroying the aspect ratio.

If you want to appeal that decision, you can head to ideas.inductiveautomation.com and gauge community interest. Otherwise, this is working as intended.