BUG-12931] Table filtering breaks if table contains null value

I have a perspective table that has the data property bound to a named query, which successfully displays a series of batch history results in the table. I want to give the user the ability to resize columns, sort by column values, and filter. For some reason, I can’t get any of them to work.

I can’t see a “resize enable” property for the whole table anywhere. When I set up the binding, the “columns” array elements all disappeared. I can add them back in (I just keep adding as many array elements as I have columns of data), and each column has the resizable property set to true. But whether in the designer, a web session, or on an iPad, the resize handle never appears and I can’t get them to resize.

Ditto with the sorting - the sortable property for each column is true, but double clicking/long pressing on column headers never does anything for me.

I’ve enabled the filter table property, but as soon as I type anything into it, my table disappears and is replaced by a red dashed rectangle showing “table error”. I have to navigate away from and back to the view to have the table show up again.

These are likely just user error, but I can’t for the life of me work out what I’m missing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


There are two issue here, The first has to do with Filter table disappearing and displaying an error when you type anything into it. This is already being addressed and we will have a fix soon.

For the second issue when it comes to making columns re sizable or sortable, you have to create a column config, and link that column config with the desired column using the field prop. On the column config you have some options such as sortable and resizable.

For more information on how the table works and updates to its functionality you can use the following link:


I encountered this same crash on filter bug today. I see it is as known issue.

RE: column configs.

I created some static column configs in the designer and I understand how they work. I’m interested in dynamically manipulating column configs at runtime using the state of toggle buttons to determine which data points are displayed.

I have a series of roughly 100 data points that I want to display ad hoc.

I’m assuming there’s a way to manipulate the column configs via script or binding. I just don’t know where to poke to create the config. I’ll look into it on my own but I thought it doesn’t hurt to ask.

That worked for resizing, but I still can’t sort, it would seem. If I check and uncheck the “sortable” box, the little arrows appear and disappear, indicating that I should be able to click them to sort - but at runtime, they don’t have any effect. I do have some null values in my table, if that’s relevant. Is there anything else I might have missed?

Any update on the filter table disappearing and showing an error in place of it?

There is a lot of work currently going into the perspective table component and a fix is currently pending. It will probably get reviewed in time and make it into 8.0.1 (and subsequently the nightlies before that), though no promises due to its size.

Is the issue relating to null values also what’s preventing me from sorting? Or should I be able to do that currently?

This issue was fixed in the nightly 8.0.2 build that was uploaded today (4/26).