[Bug-12950] File menu gets shown on wrong screen

When I have the designer on my right monitor, and open the file menu, it gets opened on the left monitor.

The same is true for the native menu in the vision clients.

The other menus open correctly, right below their button.


Yes, we’re aware of this one in multi-monitor setups - the same thing happens when you apply your first style classes to a Perspective component (assuming you have Styles set up to apply), as well as when you click the Styles palette icon for a component. Thanks for bringing it up - it’s been one I’ve hit many times now.

Same kind of issue but on the other side: with designer on the left monitor, some menus will randomly appear in the middle of the right monitor. This behavior is very random, but also very frequent.


This happens to be a style menu, as @cmallonee mentions in the previous post, but I’ve seen it happen with pretty much anything, like the selection menu for the type of a new property for example.