[Bug-12950] Modify Style window cannot be moved

This may actually qualify as a [Feature] post, wasn’t sure.

The “Modify Style” window which pops up when you select the icon next to a component’s style property works fine if you use the Property Editor on the right side of your screen. But for those of us who use it on the left, this is what happens when using a dual monitor setup.

Even worse if you’re using it on the left screen.

build: b2018110602 / b2018110610
Windows 10
2560x1440 resolution.

ps, I know how to take screenshots, the screenshot app I use was closing the window.

This is a known issue we have. Thanks for bringing it up to our attention again though. Sadly there isn’t much of a workaround currently other than moving the designer window over to the right a bit or just using it in between screens like that.