[Bug-12999]Perspective numeric entry does not obey format string

Where a format string specifies at least one required decimal place, all optional decimal places are displayed even when they are not required. If all decimal places are optional, the format is displayed correctly.

e.g. for the number 12.34

Format String >> Display
          0.# >> 12.3
         0.## >> 12.34
        0.### >> 12.34
     0.###### >> 12.34
          0.0 >> 12.3
         0.0# >> 12.34
        0.0## >> 12.340
     0.0##### >> 12.340000

You’re right - that doesn’t look like what I would expect… I’ll open an internal ticket to get this fixed.

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Ignition 8.0.13 nightly
I have a numeric entry field displaying a decimal ( 123.456789 ) with a format of 0,0.##
It display correctly as 123.46 but when you go to edit it display all decimal places. Should the format also apply when editing?

Side note, is it possible to remove the up/down arrows on the numeric entry field when editing?

It turns out that both of your questions regard expected behaviors.

The format is only applied on a visual level so as not to change any value coming in (we don’t want to change values you supply - only how they’re visually represented).

As for removing the arrows, Yousuf recommends using this: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_hide_arrow_number.asp

Before the theming update we had removed them from Chrome but not Firefox. It sounds like going forward we’re going to be more hands-off since we’re allowing and encouraging customers to develop their own CSS. AS a result, we’ve removed the Chrome-specific removal of the arrows.