[Bug-13064]Perspective material object 'bar_chart' isn't present

The icon ‘bar_chart’ doesn’t appear to be working in perspective 8.0.4.


The following icon object is blank / doesn’t show anything.

“type”: “ia.display.icon”,
“version”: 0,
“props”: {
“path”: “material/bar_chart”
“meta”: {
“name”: “Icon”
“position”: {
“grow”: 0,
“shrink”: 1,
“basis”: “30px”,
“display”: true
“custom”: {}

Yes, there are a couple icons in the library that have been added to the material library since the last time we updated our version of the library. I’m not sure when we plan on next updating the version of the material library we ship.

I pointed a customer to the material IO icons page to show them the choices of icons we can use without importing custom ones. I know there are thread’s about importing custom icons but I haven’t gotten around to trying it (super busy).

Anyway, they asked me to use the “sports” icon for a pump screen and it doesn’t actually work. I found a few material io icons that don’t work in Ignition.

I was just pointing it out in case it was something you weren’t aware of. At some point I’m probably going to end up importing custom icons but I have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

Is it resolved or not.??
I'm facing same issue.

I'm curious as to what version you are using, @Yogesh_Garud . The associated issue shows as having been resolved as of 8.0.8. A cursory check of the nightly code does indeed reveal that bar_chart is available. Is there some other icon you're looking for? We don't keep up-to-date, one-to-one listings with the Material repo - I think we just grab the newest content on a periodic, as-needed basis, so we could potentially be missing some, but I would need to know which one you're looking for.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 10.15.28 AM

Hey, @cmallonee Thanks for immediate resopnse,
Currently I'm using 8.1.18 version.
And I am looking for mainly two icons as "Dataset" and "precision manufacturing"

Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts
Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts

Yep, those two are newer icons which are not currently available in Perspective. I've made a ticket to update our content, but it'll be some time before those icons become available within Perspective.

Sounds good. Please do the needful, and thanks for your response.

The ticket was marked as low priority, so it's unlikely to be updated anytime soon. The best option for now would be to provide the "missing" Icons you need as part of your own library. The ability to do so is part of the reason the ticket was marked as low priority; we provide the avenue to remedy this yourself, so there's nothing stopping you from using these icons today without our assistance.

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Hey @cmallonee ,
Thanks for help. It worked for my requirement.
I made cutsom icons as you suggested.

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