[Bug-13064]Perspective material object 'bar_chart' isn't present

The icon ‘bar_chart’ doesn’t appear to be working in perspective 8.0.4.


The following icon object is blank / doesn’t show anything.

“type”: “ia.display.icon”,
“version”: 0,
“props”: {
“path”: “material/bar_chart”
“meta”: {
“name”: “Icon”
“position”: {
“grow”: 0,
“shrink”: 1,
“basis”: “30px”,
“display”: true
“custom”: {}

Yes, there are a couple icons in the library that have been added to the material library since the last time we updated our version of the library. I’m not sure when we plan on next updating the version of the material library we ship.

I pointed a customer to the material IO icons page to show them the choices of icons we can use without importing custom ones. I know there are thread’s about importing custom icons but I haven’t gotten around to trying it (super busy).

Anyway, they asked me to use the “sports” icon for a pump screen and it doesn’t actually work. I found a few material io icons that don’t work in Ignition.

I was just pointing it out in case it was something you weren’t aware of. At some point I’m probably going to end up importing custom icons but I have bigger fish to fry at the moment.