[Bug-13065]Embedded view not displaying correctly in Chrome

I have been having an issue with a component in perspective embedded views not appearing correctly in Chrome. The below case is a view containing two components: a button and an icon. Note that the button is about half the expected width, and the icon appears as expected. Sometimes if left for a couple minutes, the view in Chrome will change to match the expected appearance.

The view root is set to percent mode, and on the Embedded View useDefaultViewWidth and useDefaultViewHeight are false.

In Chrome:

In Edge:

The view in the designer:

What could be causing this issue?

I saw this behavior for literally about two seconds while trying to replicate your issue, and now I can’t get it to happen again, even after opening new Sessions and trying Incognito mode…

I’ll write up a ticket, but I expect it’ll be given a low priority.

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