[Bug-13070]Vision section in project has vanished!

Hi all,

The vision section on our application has completely vanished and i’m not seeing any obvious relevant errors, but here are a few I do see in the logs that may be relevant?

Could not read license from HASP key. HASP login() failed. Last error = 7.

Tried to perform RPC operation on an unrecognized session. May indicate that the previous session was lost. Creating RPC listener for new session id.

wrapper.zip (88.6 KB)

Is there any reason this could occur? Restarting the vision module and the gateway seems to have no effect, and it seems to be a project-related issue as Vision still exists in other projects. I had the same problem with a perspective project before but could not identify the issue.


I should mention that this was originally a 7.9.10 project that was gateway backup’d and uploaded to 8.0. We have backups but I don’t want this to be a future problem. I think we’re running the 8/0 build from last Monday (03/04/19), and if not that, then Friday 03/01/19.


Your vision resources aren’t there because the project manager hasn’t started up (that’s the message that’s flooding the logs). It looks like that’s due to an issue with an alarm property evaluation. Either way, I filed (at high priority) an internal ticket and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Could you PM me a gateway backup, or upload it somewhere? That would be the easiest way to see how things ended up in this state.

The project file is rather large and cannot be uploaded here. Is there a better way to get this to you?

Should be all uploaded - let me know what you find!


Looks like the problem was you have a BitPosition property for an alarm that evaluates to null. I’ve uploaded a fix that allows the gateway to start, but it won’t make it into the nightlies for a couple of days.

Just FYI, you’ve also got 176 Float4 tags that evaluate to False. These will slow down the gateway startup because all the errors get written to the logs, but they aren’t stopping the gateway from starting.

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This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (3/20). Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.

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Can confirm, this update restored all of our previously broken projects! Thanks!