[BUG-13074] Redundancy Redirect

I am currently using the b2019021902 build.
I need to set up a redundant system: the redundancy seems to work fine, apart from the redirect from the master server to the backup one (or viceversa) when a failover occurs.
The two servers listen to the port 80. When the redirect takes place, the backup url points to the port 0.
I post the following images, where the first is the master url and the second is the url of the backup after the redirect.

27-02-2019%2009-04-58 27-02-2019%2009-06-24

As you can see, the backup url points to the port 0 (instead of 80).
Do I have to make some further configurations?

Thank you very much.

Dear all,
any news about this topic?


in the build b2019030902 the redirect issue is still present.
Any news?

Hi Andrea,

We have opened a ticket for this and will let you know when we have an update.

This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (3/15).
Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.