[BUG-13153] Perspective NumericEntryField ignores selected locale

In preview mode, the NumericInput field uses the systems locale when the field is focused and english when the field has no focus.

  • Project properties - Perspective - Project locale: German
  • NumericEntryField with default settings
  • When the field has focus the displayed value is 12345,67
  • When leaving the field with Enter or Tab the field displays 12,345.67
  • Expected display value is 12.345,67

A client session in a browser shows the same behaviour and a label bound the value property shows 12345.67


Thanks for the bug report. The numeric entry field was implemented with locales in mind from the start, with the intention that we would finish making the component locale aware once locales were fully implemented. Now that locales have been implemented, we plan to finish making the component locale aware when applying number formats. I have created a ticket to resolve this issue. Thanks again.



I was wondering what the status of the ticket is.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @indenkleefj,

This is on our list of things to do. We still have quite a few things that are a higher priority that are being addressed currently, but we’ll try to start working on it soon.

I will let you know when we have a fix for it.

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Hi @awalker,

Currently, I’m using Ignition 8.0.12 but I still experience the same problem.
Is there already a fix for this?

No, there is not a fix at this time. When this issue does have a fix we will update this thread.

Is there a workaround to display numbers in a non english local format, at least in numeric fields and tables?
I have a Perspective project ready for production since many months, but the correct number format is a must have.



Is there already a fix for this?

I need to display a number in the currency format, but not the American one.

No, not yet. It is currently in queue to be worked on and will likely be addressed within the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

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