[bug-13235]Warning when opening inherited resource in daughter project

Is it possible to create a warning when opening an inherited template in a daughter project that will overwrite that inherited template? For example our parent project has all of our templates in it so they can be shared across projects, when editing screens in the daughter project it has become habit to double click on a template to open the resource and edit it in 7.9. In 8.0 this action overwrites the inherited resource with a resource of the same name and it appears the only way to revert this action is to delete the overwritten resource with the black text and then the inherited resource with the light grey version shows up again. I feel like there should be some sort of warning that you are going to overwrite a resource that is meant to be inherited.

We could potentially add a warning, but then there’s friction in the other direction - “I just wanted to override the resource, without having to click through a confirmation dialog every time”.

One option would be to disable overriding - in the parent project, you can right click and choose not to allow overrides.

I get the friction, but in editing in the project browser it is required to click through a override confirmation in order to override the resource. So I would expect the same when opening it through a double click on a screen. I agree that some of the issue is me getting used to how inherited resources are edited, but also I just want consistency in either direction, I shouldn’t have to click through a dialog when opening the resource one way and then not when opening it the other. Others may disagree with me though, since it’s just my opinion.

Ah, I hadn’t realized that you do see a dialog when right clicking. Yeah, agreed - the double click action should show the same dialog. I’ll open a ticket to get it fixed.

Actually, on retesting I wasn’t able to replicate being able to open views/templates/etc via double click - only the right click -> override action worked. Are you on the latest nightly build?

I am on last nights build, I am able to double click on inherited templates in Vision, I am not sure about perspective as my project does not have any design in perspective at this point. That said it does look like there is now a warning about saving/committing on closing the template that I do not remember seeing before.

@cwaddoups sorry for the delayed response, but it looks like this should be working as expected now. Let me know if you’re still having issues.