[Bug-13304]Popup Dropdown - cannot select label

We are having issues with a dropdown in a popup on mobile devices. The labels are displaying but we cannot select the label. We have a live project at the minute an this is causing issues with our client.
I saw that there was another post on this earlier this year but wondering is there any fix for this yet?

I found an open ticket for something similar, but after testing to see what’s going on I found a couple of behaviors that might be of interest:

  1. While testing on a mobile device I was able to position a dropdown component on the bottom of the screen and use it without issue, so long as props.search.enabled was false.
  2. If props.search.enabled is not false, then “tapping” the dropdown opens the virtual keyboard and moves the dropdown and available labels up. If you then attempt to select a label, your tap actually registers as an attempt to close the virtual keyboard, and since a tap event has been registered (technically not on the dropdown), the dropdown ceases displaying its options.

So, if this sounds like what you are encountering, consider setting Dropdown.props.search.enabled to a value of false - this allowed me to use the dropdown as expected.

If this does not sound like what you are seeing, I would need some screenshots of the Dropdown in action or a copy of the View to assist you further.