[BUG-13337] UDTs OPC-tag paths with Parameters stop workin after Upgrade

We Upgraded our 7.9.10 server to 8.0 which had UDT-tags defined.
These udt tags had OPC-tags in them. In these OPC-tags we had OPCItemPath which had parameters in them (ie. {address} and so on).

In the UDT instances we had this OPCItemPath ower writen and we added the modbus register address to the end “manualy”.

Now when we upgraded these ItemPaths on the UDT-instances are showin “ns=1;s=[{device}]{address}.HR8960” instead of “ns=1;s=[Modbus_Device_1]3.HR8960” as they should when the parameters “address” = 3 , “device” = Modbus_Device_1.

When i take the overwrite off, save the tag, put the overwirte back again it starts to work again.

These bindings were workin on the 7.9.10 version.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll fix it ASAP (like, today, for the first published RC).

The bug is in the upgrade logic of overridden parameters. It appears that parameters that inherit their values appear to work, as well as tags generated by importing 7.9 XML exports.

This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (3/29). Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.