[Bug-13434]XY chart extreme RAM leakage cause PC crash

I setup a XY Chart to show last hour with 50 point of data. I set polling @ 2sec in Tag history binding.
As I click OK the RAM usage in designer increasing form 400MB to 3GB(until my system is out of memory and crash). If I set the polling rate to 10 sec the RAM usage increase at lower rate.
The gateway is on remote PC running v8.0.1rc1 and this RAM usage problem only happened in designer PC.

This is an issue we are aware of and it is due to an issue with the library we are using. We are looking at different options to mitigate the issue, but ultimately it is looking like a full replacement of the library might be necessary.

The memory leak is due to changing data not being cleaned up properly by the library and it is occurring on a session by session basis. It will also cause excessive memory use by the browser as well. As this can prevent the saving of projects, I recommend to disable polling while developing to prevent this issue.



Thanks for your answer.
By the way what is your roughly estimation for solving this issue? May be 8.0.2?
I believe using chartjs is a valid good solution for chart in perspective.

While this is a priority, the amount of work that remains to resolve this means there currently isn’t an ETA when it will make it into a release.


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Does this problem solve in v8.0.2 rc?

No, this is a problem in the underlying library we are using. The real solution for this is that we’re making a new timeseries chart which should be dramatically better. I’m hoping this will make 8.0.3 but no guarantees.

Is this still a known issue with the XYChart component in 8.1.22? We started using them in a Perspective view not being aware of this bug and have been seeing similar behavior on the client browser side (slowly increasing memory usage, eventually locking up the browser tab).

I am still seeing this bug occur with XY charts in 8.1.23. I see in the change logs that it says this was solved in an 8.1.22 release but it appears to still be an issue.

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