[Bug-13494] Google idp on perspective app

We try to use google as idp provider over openid connect.

During the login phase all work fine if we use the browser, for example Chrome both on the pc and on the mobile.

If we use the perspective app on android phone we receive the following error:

Thanks for the support.

Hi @AntonioG -

Looks like the Google IdP has restrictions in the way users must login from mobile apps. We have created a ticket and are looking into this internally. We will update this thread when we have a solution.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.1-rc1 that was uploaded yesterday (4/23).

One note on the fix: in addition to the Ignition Gateway, both iOS and Android Perspective apps must be upgraded to the next version to be able to fully realize the fix. The next versions of the apps are coming soon, keep an eye out for the updates.

We just released new Ignition Perspective apps (v0.80) with the fix for using Google as an IDP. The gateway must also be running at least 8.0.1.

Hi support,
I’ve try whith the following configuration:

  • Ignition Gatewy 8.0.1-rc1 (b2019042216)
  • Android Perspective app v0.80-26 on Android P.

and unfortunatly I receive the same issue.

I’ve try to use GoogleOpenId connect over Okta and the issue is the same.