[BUG-13512] 'NoneType' object is not callable in calculateroster function

I am invoking a Project script in calculated roster as shown below. It works in script console, however I get an error in caluclated script “‘NoneType’ object is not callable in calculated roster script”. Please help!!

I tried the sample code in the calculateroster function. That does not work either.

I still get the same error.

builder.username().email().add().build() is returning a new object, not mutating the builder object.

roster = builder.username().email().add().build()
return roster
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I’m also seeing this same problem and what you suggested:

roster = builder.username(‘Tuomas’).email(‘email@site.com’).add().build()
return roster

does not work. It still gives that same error " ‘NoneType’ object is not callable"

I also tried the other way the Notification-block suggests:

user1 = {“username”:“Tuomas”, “email”:[“site@mycompany.com”]}
roster = [user1]
return roster

This does not work either.

I talked to tech support and they identified it as a bug.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.1-rc1 that was uploaded yesterday (4/23).