[BUG -13515, BUG - 13514] The map component needs to establish proper z-order context

I put a map in a coordinate container with a percent mode (width: 100%, height:100%), and then I want to add a refresh icon to the map, so I can refresh the markers.But when I drag an Icon to the Container, the Icon is behind the map . I have tried to move it to the front of the Z-order, it doesn’t work.
I think it has to do with the Z-index of the map.But I do not have an idea yeat.

Hi Jiangping.li

Well there are two thing here. One is a bug where the map component doesn’t establish a correct z-order context and will likely require to be fixed, while the second one is a feature request, which is the ability to add map controls in the top right, bottom right, and bottom left of the map. This will provide the user with the ability to add views to the corner and throw anything they want in there so that you can toggle stuff on the map like a map legend. Will write up internal tickets to keep track of both issues.

A potential workaround is the Map component has the ability to embed a View within it. This can be done using the props.layers.ui.view property within the map. It does require latitude and longitude to be set for center of the view being displayed, but it might help get you until the issue is addressed as it does allow for a transparent background.