[BUG-13522] system.util.getSessionInfo possible bug

The project column in the dataset that is returned by system.util.getSessionInfo() in 8.0 does not act in the same way that it did in 7.9. In 7.9 the project column returned whatever project the designer or client in vision that was open. In 8.0 it seems to return the project in which the method was called in. For example I have a global project and two daughter projects and a designer opened for all three. If I call the method in the global project the project column for all three rows in my dataset reads global, if I call the method in one of the daughter project the project column for all three rows reads whatever the name of the daughter project is. I am on version b2019032102

I can’t tell from your description what you expect the behavior to be and why you think the current behavior is wrong.

Ok, in 7.9 when I run util.getSessionInfo() I get a dataset that returns all the sessions that are currently open. Say I have three projects (project A, project B, project C) and a client open for each project. The dataset that is returned has a column called project. The column would read (project A, project B, project C). If I have two clients open for A, none for B, and one for C the dataset would read (project A, project A, project C).

In 8.0 the project column returns whichever project called the method so I have a client open for each project and call the method from A the dataset returns (project A, project A, project A). I call the method in C and it returns (project C, project C, project C). It does not return which project the respective client or designer has open it returns the project that called the method.

Ok thanks, I understand now.

This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded today (4/22). Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.