[BUG-13548] Renaming a folder to itself deletes the folder!

8.0.0 (b2019040718)

This one is super critical.

If you rename a tag folder to itself (i.e. you accidentally double click on it and you start the rename action so press ‘enter’ to not rename it), the whole folder is deleted!
I’ve just lost my whole tag structure as it deleted my root folder :confused: Lucky I have a backup…

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Confirmed to be happening in 8.0.1 SNAPSHOT (b2019041102). This is a scary one.

It is, especially since my instinctual reaction is to hit enter on things like that!

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Opening a ticket now. We’ll prioritize this to be worked on immediately.


For the meantime at least, edit/saving the realtime provider will force them to reappear.


This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded yesterday (4/22)

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