[BUG-13549] Tag binding expression error window unable to be activated due to modal window

8.0.0 (b2019040718)

My tag binding expression is missing a comma in the case expression so when I clicked on OK, an error dialogue showed, but promptly was moved to the background. I can’t click on it either to bring it to the foreground as the property binding window is modal and blocking it.

Opening a ticket right now, but this will most likely be a low priority. You should be able to close the expression Window in order to reach the dialog for now.

I realise this is probably still a low priority and hasn’t been fixed yet, but just wanted to mention this is still an issue in 8.0.5. When there is an error in your expressions in the binding window and you click OK, you have no idea why the window won’t close, as the error dialogue doesn’t show (doesn’t even appear as a window in the Windows taskbar) until you cancel your edits. Then it pops up

@nminchin Thanks Nick, yes this is still on our list of things to do but I will make a note on the ticket!

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