[Bug-13550] Designer Launcher won't launch

I’ve been working on my local gateway and two remote gateways. My designer always had access to them. We recently shut down one of the servers because it was temporary (DEV server). Today I updated to the “nightly” version and downloaded the designer launcher again and it is throwing this error:


This is the server that we’re no longer using. Now I can’t use the designer at all because it crashes on startup.

Where can I find a config file and remove this server from the list?

Edit: I uninstalled the launcher, cleared Java temp files, installed it again and it keeps crashing.

It’s located in a file called designer-launcher.json inside the .ignition/clientlauncher-data folder. Once you open that json file there’s a line at the top that says “default.application”, replace whatever value is there with a blank string like “”

Got it. Thank you.
Still, I’ll leave this suggestion to fix the launcher to treat this exception.

Oh yeah, we have this in our backlog of things to fix. This workaround isn’t the long term solution and I made sure to link this forum post to the ticket as well.

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