[BUG-13550] Unable to open non-localhost Designer

Attempting to open a non-localhost designer and it continually errors out. Went through multiple attempts of fully uninstalling Ignition and reinstalling to only open a newly installed Designer to be met with with no gateway selection page. Have even attempted to fully uninstall Ignition from my local computer, download designer from non-localhost gateway to be met with the following.


Any advice if this is not a bug is greatly appreciated

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have you tried to connect using the ip address directly? manually add the address in the launcher instead of using localhost (based off your screen shot looks like To manually add, open the Designer Launcher and click Add Designer then click Manually Add Gateway.

Unfortunately i may not have been as descriptive in my original post as i should have been. In the case that I reinstall a local gateway and reinstalling the designer launcher and run it, i am immediately met with the login screen as shown below.


In the case a local copy of Ignition is not installed on my local computer I am met with the issues shown in my original post.

Either way I am not presented with a screen to select what gateway i want to run from nor a button to manually add gateway

Ok, so it is loading, but the launcher is immediately launching a designer? and this designer is running off of a different gateway?

I think you have set a a Default Application in the launcher and now that gateway is no longer running. It looks like this is a bug. Im going to open a ticket, but for now, close the launcher and delete the designer-launcher.json in your %USER_HOME%\.ignition\clientlauncher-data directory and reopen the launcher. You will have to re-add the necessary gateway to the launcher but it will be usable again.

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Yes and yes

That did the trick and is now opening the correct designer launcher screen.

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