[BUG-13551] Wildcards in registerWriteHandler

I am trying to use wildcards to create a write handler callback in ignition 8.

For a given tag “THK_DEV/Amplitude”

This callback gets triggered
provider.registerWriteHandler(“THK_DEV/Amplitude”, new WriteHandler() { …

However when using wildcards nothing gets triggered
provider.registerWriteHandler(“THK_DEV/*”, new WriteHandler() { …

I have even tried an empty string as well as “*” for the tag path but I cant get an wildcard usage to work.

I am following the documentation from http://files.inductiveautomation.com/sdk/javadoc/ignition80/8.0.0-beta/index.html

  • The path may end with a wildcard to accept writes for anything under the location (for example “path/to/*”).
  • A null/empty path will register the handler for all tags.
  • The most specific write handler is called, and others will not be called.

You’re using a ManagedTagProvider on 8.0, right?

Unfortunately it looks like that bit of documentation that says you can use a wildcard path is pure fantasy.

Kevin, yes I am using 8. Is there any plan to implement the wildcard functionality?

We’ll try to look at this soon but there’s some other higher priority stuff going on right now.

This will be fixed for 8.0.3. Should be in the nightly build within a few days, we’ll post back when it’s up.

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This was merged in yesterday, 5/22, so it should be working in today’s nightly build.

Thanks, I will try it out.