[Bug-13564]Perspective - linear scale labels clipped when angle = 90 or 270

On a linear scale in perspective, if the labels are rotated to 90 or 270 degrees, the ones on the ends are clipped. When not rotated, they’re deliberately adjusted to avoid being clipped, but it doesn’t seem to happen when there’s an angle applied to the labels. I had thought perhaps setting overflow to visible might fix it, but it doesn’t appear to.

Just a quick bump - not a show stopping issue of course, just an aesthetic one. My work around if needed will be to manually label the tick marks on my axes, but I’d prefer not to go to the trouble if it’s an easy fix :wink:

We do have a bug ticket tracking this, although it’s probably not going to get picked up with any high priority. Proceed with a workaround for now - even if it’s an easy fix, we probably won’t get to it very soon.

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No problem, thanks for that!