[BUG-13611] Null string binding Error_TypeConversion - FactoryTalk Linx Gateway

Using FT Linx Gateway for the UA Server. When reading a null string, the tag quality is fine. When binding a property like the Label.Text the Label.Quality is “Error_TypeConversion.”

Accessing the same UA server with 7.9.9 has no error. Using Ignition UA Server has no error.
Populating the tag so that it is not null also makes the error go away.

Thanks for the report - this is something we’re already tracking and working on internally.

I am having the exact same issue after upgrading to 8.0.2 from 7.9. Big Red X’s all over the screen anywhere the PLC tag string length = 0. Adding a space to the blank strings (LEN=1) fixes the issue.

Any ideas on how to fix this?



This issue is fixed in the 8.0.3RC2.