[BUG-13632] Perspective - Docked view modal fail

What version of 8.1? Our internal ticketing system shows that this issue was fixed as part of 8.1.5.

8.1.4 I was waiting to update but wasnt sure if this was fixed. If it’s been resolved in 8.1.5 then I will upgrade thank you :slight_smile:

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Was this bug fix fixing the issue where when the dock is set to modal and someone clicks out of the dock is supposed to close?

I have a dock that gets toggled open and I want it where if they click out of it, nothing happens. I want them to click buttons inside the dock only.
Even when I set the dock to modal true in the page configuration, they still can click out and it closes the dock.

This is on the LTS 8.1.11

Unlike Popups which allow for specifying whether the Popup should be closed when the background modal overlay is clicked, docked views always treat modal overlay clicks as an interaction which should collapse the docked view. Bug #13632 only addressed the missing background overlay.

Got it.

I made the same behavior with the filter: brightness property when this dock is open.

Hi, does it mean that this issue will never be solved and that a docked view will never be modal ?

It means that we consider overlay-click-dismiss as the expected behavior. Docked View modal functionality is currently working as expected, aside from a related bug in projects which have many docked views on one side, where not each of those is configured as a modal.