[BUG-13654]ackUser and ackNnotes not being stored in alarm journal

Although system.alarm.acknowledge(alarmIds, [notes], username) function has username as one of the parameters, I can’t find where it is stored in the database.

I would like to show the user who acked or cleared the alarm. Is there an easy way to find out? Do I need to create a custom alarm attribute to store it?

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Hi sudipta.tripathy,

If you add the system.alarm.acknowledge function with a username parameter in a gateway event script such as the start and shutdown you will be able to see who acknowledged the script based whose username you have used in the wrapper logs. below is a link that should help you.


What I would like to do is to show who acknowledged the alarms by querying the alarm_event and alarm_event_data tables on a perspective page.

I was under the impression that the user name gets stored in one of the alarm tables in the database.

Hi sudipath.tripathy,

This information should be stored in the alarm journal table but currently it is not. We have an open ticket tracking this issue and will try and resolve as soon as possible.


This issue was fixed in the 8.0.2 nightly build that was uploaded today (5/8).

I’m running 8.0.16 but still finding this issue. There is no column in the database being stored for username or notes.

Is there something in the configuration I could be missing?

Hi @catherine.fowler , may I know that did you solve the problem you mentioned above because currently I also facing the same problems.

Hi @tohhy-pm17, take a closer look at the alarm_event_data table. You’ll find that there are entries that store that information in there. For example, if you look for entries where propname is ackUser, you’ll find the strvalue column contains the information about what user acknowledged the alarm.

SELECT * FROM alarm_event_data WHERE propname='ackUser'


The id column is a reference to the alarm_events table, so you can relate it to that table to determine which alarm it was.

Hope this helps!

@catherine.fowler Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.