[bug-13663] dropdown list in Table mode not respecting maxTableWidth

I’m trying to remove unwanted scroll bars in Table mode so I adjusted the .maxTableWidth and .maxTableHeight but the scroll remained.

I added enough characters to create scroll bars in the dataset and found a issue with the layout constraints.

Below shows the unwanted scroll bars, and maxTableWidth not being respected.

I was able to replicate and wrote up an internal ticket for this. Right now it doesn’t look like there’s anything you can do to fully get rid of that bottom scroll bar, it appears that there’s an issue between the width of the dropdown not ever completely fitting the width of the table inside of it.
The issue of the table not resizing correctly when you added more characters to induce the scrollbars has been noted as well. It should re-render immediately once that happens, but doesn’t appear to do so until you leave the window and return. Both of these issues are in the same internal ticket and should be resolved at the same time.

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Has this issue been resolved? the table of the dropdown control does not seem fill up the space available within the maxTableWidth, but rather shows a smaller window with scroll bars.


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This has not been worked on yet and remains in our backlog. There’s no eta on a fix.

what the work around it kind of not useable for the operator. i figured 8.1 would have this fixed

This is going to be fixed in 8.1.12:

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For us people still using Vision, this is much appreciated!
I can hardly wait to try out 8.1.12.

Thank you.