[BUG-13701] Report Viewer Vision Component Does Not Append File Extension

Noticed this today when working with a client. The Report Viewer component has built-in functionality for right click to save as pdf,xls,png, etc. When an option is selected from the right-click popup menu, a save dialog opens, prompting the user to enter a file name and select a file extension (file extension defaults to the option the user selected). When save is pressed, the file gets created, but there is no file extension associated with it. Therefore, windows does not know what program to use to open up the file. Appending .xls to the end of the file name either in the save dialog or by renaming the file will allow the file to function normally and is a decent workaround. This is potentially problematic as a lot of people working with this feature do not necessarily know about the importance of file extensions.

@seth.thomas Thanks for the report! We are tracking this internally and will update this post when it gets fixed!

This bug was addressed in the 8.0.3 nightly build that was uploaded today (6/28).

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