[BUG-13715,13982] Perspective App

In IOS and android when you click login using the default login page it re-directs to the browser.

On iOS does the app show a popup before the browser is opened up?


As soon as press “Continue to sign in” it opens the browser window to log in. If i log into the browser then go back to the app its stuck on the “You must sign in to continue” screen. If i shut down the app and re-open it, its on the log in screen again.

This means i cant log into any project using the app when they have to log in. The andriod app does the same thing.

Ok thanks, what version is your gateway?

nightly build b2019050202

There’s a fix for what you’re seeing but it hasn’t made it to the nightly yet. I’ll let you know when it’s in. Until then, the only way I know to fix is to reset the sessions specific to mobile apps. To do this, kill the mobile app and wait for its session to timeout (default is 10 minutes after disconnect). Once you go back into the app you should have a fresh session that works as expected.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.2 nightly build that was uploaded yesterday (5/13).

I seem to be having this problem with on build 2019051502.

I am able to open the app but when I click on my login button which triggers the ‘Login’ event/action I am prompted to select a web browser to use.

The real problem is that after I make a selection, redirect to the login page, and enter my credentials, the app hangs in the loading screen.

(Chrome and Firefox redirect to the credentials page, Edge seems to redirect for a minute, then skip the credentials page and go straight to the loading screen)

Thanks for letting us know. That’s definitely a bug. We’ll have an updated version of our native apps in the next couple days with a fix for that. Also, I’ll create a ticket for the Edge issue as it’s separate from the app hanging on loading screen one.

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Hey, just wondering if this is still a confirmed ongoing issue or if it has been resolved in a nightly build?

We’re releasing new iOS and Android apps this week with a fix for what you were seeing. The Edge issue hasn’t been looked into yet. I’ll let you know when the new apps have hit the stores.

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I’ll add this to the ideas forum but what would be the chances of having the android app put onto the amazon fire tablet store. The fire tablet is android based so I currently side load the google app store to load the perspective app. This gives us a very cheap perspective tablet but with the worry amazon push out an OTA update to stop the sideloading of the google play store.

The app works perfectly on the firetablet so with out knowing the ins and outs it should be easy to get it listed on the amazon store ?

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Definitely, I’ll create a ticket to add support for Amazon’s app store. We’re still pretty busy with the release of 8.0, but hopefully I can start working on it soon.

Hi All!

Anyone seen this issue re-appear recently with 8.1? seems to have the same behaviour now when trying to log in?

Yes, we are also having this issue, running 8.1.1. I thought maybe I was missing some setting because if I launch the Ignition demo app, it launches in the app and not a browser. As soon I try to launch one of my projects, it redirects to a web browser. Have you found a solution?

BUMP!! Having this issue as well!

Is there any way you can send me the logs from the Perspective App settings?

I have the same problem, but only when connecting through reverse proxy with NGINX. My NGINX config is fully functional as I can launch perspective projects via a web browser and the mobile application on both Android and iOS devices.

I can recreate the following scenarios on Ignition versions 8.0.17, 8.1.7 and 8.1.10.

With the perspective app connected to the Ignition Gateway without reverse proxy, these are the session details observed on the gateway (note the Session Scope = Mobile, iOS).
When a login event is triggered the perspective app presents a login dialog within the app that functions as expected.

With the perspective app connected to the Ignition Gateway with reverse proxy, these are the session details observed on the gateway (note the Session Scope = Designer).
The project is functional within the perspective app except when attempting to authenticate. When a login event is triggered the perspective app redirects to the device’s default browser with the webpage login dialog. After entering credentials, the browser becomes a new perspective session which is now authenticated and does not redirect back to the perspective app.

I’m guessing that the reverse proxy connection is missing a header or something similar. Working on trying to diagnose further with a network protocol analyzer.

Does anyone at IA (or in this community) know what would trigger the perspective app to redirect to device’s default web browser instead of the app’s internal login dialog? Or what would cause the perspective session’s scope to be ‘Designer’ instead of ‘Mobile, iOS’?

Maybe try adding
underscores_in_headers on;
to your NGINX config.


Good catch. Almost all users we have are outside the local lan so in testing I always connect from outside in order to replicate the end users experience. I connected internally and sure enough I was able to login inside the Perspective App.

As a side note we are also using NGINX to proxy traffic.


I’m not the most experienced with NGINX. Where in he config is this supposed to live? I’ve hit up the Googles and put the line where I think it should go but I’m still getting kicked to the browser externally to log in.

Thanks a ton!!!


I get kicked any time I use a URL instead of a local IP address. Even if I’m using internal DNS resolution I get sent to my default browser for login.