[BUG-13743, 11792]UDT editor behavior

on the latest nightly - when the UDT editor is open, and you apply changes, it deselects the UDT you were editing, when you re-select that UDT, the type structure window is hidden, you have to select the (!) tab, then go back to the tag tab for the type structure to appear.

Also, when you edit a child UDT, changes to the parameters in that child UDT are not updated, you have to delete the child UDT and re-add it for changes to appear.

Also, when copying child UDTs with overridden tag properties, those overridden values are not copied, only the parameters.

When dropping down the parameters of child UDTs in the tag browser, it doesn’t show the evaluated value, shows the raw text e.g: motor {motorNumer} instead of motor 1

Sometimes the parameters of child UDTs in the tag browser are blank and have to be closed and reopened to show the parameters - this might just be me being impatient.

FEATURE: it would be nice if when you make a UDT Parameter a {parameter} it would pop up that little selector dropdown like it does elsewhere in tag creation window, at least it did in 7.9.10

This is an issue we are aware of. There are certain instances where the Tag Editor thinks you are modifying multiple tags and it puts it into this state.

Just to confirm what you are seeing, the property isn’t appearing in a UDT Instance when the UDT Definition is modified for a Parent of the UDT Definition the UDT Instance was based on? If so, we have a known issue where nested UDTs aren’t always updating in the Tag Browser properly. If you use the Refresh Providers button to reset the Tag Browser tree, do the Properties Update properly?

I have created an issue for this.

And issue has been created for this

This relates back to the issue with the parameters not showing. It is an issue we are aware of.

Feature request added

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