[bug-13754]Graphic artifacts in sub-templates on popup page when bad tag quality overlays clear

Since upgrading this project from 7.9.8 to 8.0.2 (via restore 7.9.8 gwbk to 8.0.2), we are getting weird graphic artifacts on initial load of some pages as shown below. The background light blue text in the numeric entry fields is a repaint of some other area of the screen–in this case showing part of the date from a separate docked window at the top of the screen, though where it comes from varies–between different windows and areas of the screen.
If we drag the window to a new location or momentarily tap and hold on boundaries as if we were going to resize it and then release without resizing, the artifacts clear as shown below:
If we actually resize the popup window, the artifacts usually return, though sometimes some of them clear, or the numeric entry fields get different artifacts (from different areas of the screen as shown below, rather than all the same):
As background information, each setting value line is a template including the description label, numeric entry field (a sub-template), and the units label. We are so far only seeing these artifacts in the sub-templates, which also briefly show bad quality overlays when the popup window is opened. It seems the artifacts may relate to clearing the tag quality overlays.
Is there anything we can do to resolve this? Is it a known issue with Vision in Ignition 8.0.2?

Do any of the components in that hierarchy have transparent backgrounds? Java Swing has issues with components with transparent backgrounds in many situations - we cleared up all the issues in 7.9 with the old look and feel, but still have a few (to my knowledge) outstanding with the new look and feel.

It looks like they’re labels? Or are those numeric fields of some kind?

Yes, the numeric fields with the graphic artifacts behind them have a transparent background:
The frames around them also have a transparent background:
The artifacts stick out slightly past the corners of the frame (you can see that in the enlarged window in last screen clipping of my previous post). I’m thinking this may indicate the problem is with the numeric field transparency, not the frame.

For completeness sake (I haven’t noticed any issues with these items), the labels to left (descriptions) and right (units) of each line also have transparent background, as does the “FEED” heading at the top. The slightly darker rectangle around the group of settings is a blend from black 20% opaque to 0% opaque.

Let me know if an export of the component or the project would be helpful troubleshooting this.

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Looks like an issue we’re already tracking, although I’ll add your report onto the existing issue which will bump the priority a bit.

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Thanks @PGriffith. FYI for now we’ve worked around the initial load issue by binding an isTagQualityGood custom property to the tag value in these templates via isGood expression binding and then adding this propertyChange script to repaint the parent root container:

if event.propertyName == 'isTagQualityGood' and event.newValue:
	def paintLater():
	system.util.invokeLater(paintLater, 0)

This appears to completely resolve the issue on window load, which was the bad one as it wasn’t obvious to operators that the issue would resolve by touching anywhere other than the window, moving the window, or tap-n-hold to resize without resizing. We still have the graphic artifacts reappearing on resize, but that’s not a big issue as operators wouldn’t be likely to resize these windows on the current system. We could program a repaint for that too, but at this time I think that can wait for the bug fix.


Hello PGriffith

I have the same problem as witman.

I ended up using a solid background color, the same color as the root container background. This solve the graphic problem for now.

This is still an issue in 8.0.7. After upgrading a more complex project, we’re seeing some artifacts that don’t clear after window open even with the repaint workaround posted above. It is consistent, so I expect there is a pattern to it, but I haven’t recognized what it is yet. Some instances of a template in a window will clear with the repaint posted above and some won’t.

Adding another repaint on mouse exit of the fields clears them all up after the cursor enters and exits one field. It’s not great, but at least makes things useable when ditching transparency on the numeric entry field isn’t a great solution.

@PGriffith this looks like another report of the same issue.

We’ll look at getting this bumped in priority - there’s been a number of reports of this issue through our main support channel as well.

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are there any news regarding this issue? After upgrading from 7.9 to 8.0.10 many of our windows now have problems displaying elements with transparent backgrounds

Upgrading to 8.0.15 resolved this issue for us. We’ve removed our workaround and don’t see this issue at all (it used to be everywhere and only mostly resolved by our scripted workaround).

hi there.
using ignition 8.1.3 and just had the same issue with artifacts on the list component.
when using transparent background it looks like thisimage

it will disappear, without transparent background.