[bug-13760]Report changes lost if you change tabs without saving first

I’m using a slightly post 8.0 build. I typically only edit one report at a time but a customer asked me to make similar changes on a couple reports. I had both opened (2 tabs). I made a bunch of changes to one report (moving stuff around, etc). I clicked the tab for the other report to copy some stuff to that report. When I went back to the other report my changes were gone.

I was able to replicate the bug by simply moving stuff, clicking the tab to view the other report in development and going back to the one I changed.

Changes are retained if I save before clicking the tab to switch which report is active.

Also, the “subjct” expression in the designer doesn’t work with the horizontal scroll bar. A customer asked me to do some very custom things in the subject of the email and I am editing my expression in notepad because I literally can’t see the whole thing.

I think the solution is to multi-line the expression as is done in the attachment filename by default (didn’t try that yet). Just letting you know the horizontal scroll bar doesn’t work.

@Steve_Laubach I can reproduce the first issue, and I’ve filed a ticket to fix it - should be an easy fix.

On your second post, I can’t reproduce the issue you’re describing with the subject field. Specifically, that’s the “subject” in an email action in a report schedule, right? I get a horizontal scroll bar, and while I have to use the mouse to drag it, it does work as expected.

I get a horizontal scroll bar but scrolling it doesn’t extend my view to show the end of my code. They wanted to concatenate a bunch of stuff together to form the email subject. 157 characters long expression.

I suspect it only becomes a problem when you exceed some number of characters.

Can you try deleting <user>/.ignition/cache/resources/runtimes/11.0.X and relaunching the designer? It sounds like you might be falling prey to a Windows font related bug that should be resolved as long as you have a “fresh” copy of our JRE.

First I deleted just that folder. Didn’t fix it. Then I deleted the whole cache and let it rebuild. Same story.

It’s not a big deal. If anything, it forces you to use multiple lines which is better form anyway (my preference).

I suspect this would be fixed if I installed 8.01 RC and cleared my cache but I’ll wait till the release build.

Thanks for your help.

Well, appreciate you trying it out - so far the new runtimes seem to work for everyone, but we’ll keep an ear out if anyone has any issues 8.0.1+.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.2 nightly build that was uploaded today (5/8).

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