[BUG-13781] Using Designer with Dual Monitors

Hello, I have been experiencing an issue and it’s becoming quite a nuisance. I have a laptop with a docking station and 2 monitors set up in my office and I typically use the designer in my office but I will go out on the plant floor to test things. If I launch a designer in my office (with dual monitors) then remove my laptop from the dock, whenever I return it to the dock with the same designer session, with my left monitor as my main display, the right click dropdown menus show up on the right monitor. The fix that I have been using is just to close and open a new designer but then I have to re-open everything I was working on. I’m just wondering if this is a bug in the designer or if I can change a setting to fix it. My OS is Windows 10 and with everything I have tried with my display settings, nothing has fixed it. Again, not a major issue but just wondering if anyone else experiences this.

This is a common problem, and unfortunately there’s not a lot we can do about it - it’s a bug with Java, not our own code. We are planning to see what can be done to mitigate or work around the problem, but it’s not the highest priority issue on our list.