[BUG-13805 & BUG-13804] Perspective - Table issues (percentage and header justify)

I’m using the nightly update from last Friday (b2019042602)

Issue 1 - percentage: I’ve been trying to make the column to show a number in a range 0-100 to just add the percent sign but it always multiplies by 100, regardless of single/double quotes and space. I would think it shouldn’t multiply if it has quotes around the percent sign. Am I missing something?



Issue 2 - table header justify: the property justify works for the rows but it doesn’t seem to work for the header. I also tried to use style.textAlign with no success. Again, am I missing something or is it a bug?



Regarding the number formatting, the table uses an entirely different library to format numbers. Although it is similar to the function used for expressions, it is not the same. Nonetheless, we can certainly do our best to keep things consistent in order to make your work easier. I will make a ticket to add this ability to the table component. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

We are aware of the second regarding justify and align on the header. I believe neither of them work at the moment. A fix should be included sometime this week.


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What was the outcome to having a percentage suffix?

Like the forum entry below if I select % for my column it multiplies the value by 100.

Both issues are still outstanding, low priority bugs in the backlog. We’ll update this thread when progress is made.

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