[Bug-13846] Perspective adding new property resorts and then keyboard focus is lost


When adding new properties to a component, the new ‘key’ is first in focus and is ready to be renamed, however then the new property is quickly resorted in the list and the keyboard entry focus is lost and you end up typing your new key name into the search field instead… same thing happens after you name the new key and tab to the value field, it resorts and loses focus before you get a chance to type a new value.

Somewhat similarly, if you rename a component’s meta.name field, the Project Browser seems to have a bit of a fit and collapses the group that the component you’re renaming is in.

Before renaming:

After renaming:

Our current workaround is to supply the value first, and then rename the property, but yes, we’re aware of this behavior.

This one might not be something we can avoid, but we have a ticket open to research it. (actually, I was unable to locate the original ticket, so I’ve opened a new one for now)