[BUG-13851] Error_Configuration with multi-dimensional array members

I’ve successfully added a multi-dimensional RSLogix array tag to the Tag Browser (and member data is resolved correctly), but I’m unable to bind to array members, neither directly or indirectly.

e.g. both direct tag bindings of “[default]PLC/CPH/CPH_1,17_” or “[default]PLC/CPH/CPH_1,17_.value” result in “Error_Configuration” at the bottom of the binding dialog (and “null” on a test label)

OPC path (simplified for posting here): “ns=1;s=[PLC]Program:CPH.CPH[1,17]”

What datatype did this tag show up as when you dragged it in?

Based on the item path it looks like you’re subscribing to a single scalar element from a 2d array, so not sure what you mean by binding to array members of a whole array tag you’ve added. Maybe some screenshots would clarify.

Yes, 2D array in question, DINT[15,25]

Huh… are other OPC tags bindable? Seems like bindings are not working right, maybe due something to do with tag name? not sure.

Yes, I’ve successfully bound to 15x 1D arrays for the time being.

I’m having a similar issue with 2D arrays and ControlLogix where the binding stops working. It seems to stem from the comma that is auto-generated as part of the tag name as this doesn’t happen on a 1D array.

HI @fnascimento, I believe we fixed this issue recently. Can you let me know if you are still seeing this on the newest build?

I’m on version 8.0.0, is it fixed in 8.0.1? I will need to download it and try.

Not fixed until 8.0.2. The RC is out today, final should be out within a few weeks.