[BUG-13855]Perspective Table Rows not showing on PopUp

I created a view on Perspective that I intend to use as a popup. All it is is two labels (title and description) and a table.

The table’s “data” prop is bound to a named query. There is no error on the binding and the rows populate in Preview Mode, as a component of another view in Run Mode, and in the “Launch URL” page for the view. However, if I open the view using a button configured to open a popup, the rows on the table don’t show (though it seems like the data is fetched because the column names and pager populate).

Table working as component in a view…

Table not working as popup…

Popup button config…

What am I overlooking?

M Murphy

On the table component itself, there’s a property call virtualized. If you disable that property does it start to work?

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I’ve seen this issue sometimes when the basis of the table is set using ‘auto’.

Yes. I set it to ‘FALSE’ and the popup worked. Why is that?

Virtualization is supposed to make the table only show enough rows to fit the view it is currently in. However, there’s a bug where it doesn’t properly work with popups that are displaying the table in a flex container. I’ve linked this post to the internal ticket so that this post will get an update when it gets fixed, but for the time being you will have to disable the virtualized property in this specific case.

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