[BUG-13864] Losing access to tags by accidentally moving a parent folder into a sub folder

So you can drag folders in the tag browser into other folders. So what happens if you drag a parent folder into a sub folder? Right now it appears that the folder becomes completely inaccessible. I’ve had a couple folders disappear on me, and I’ve finally tracked down why. I’m not sure if this is new to 8.0, but I’ve not found a way to regain access to these folders if it happens.

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Yeah, it creates an unpleasant mess when you do that. I added a ticket to throw an error rather than allowing this to happen.

Do you know any method to regain access? It’s very easy to accidentally do so on a touch pad when you’re on a laptop out on the floor.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any easy way to get back the tags, which is why it is highly likely that we will implement this sooner rather than later.

I would try and keep a backup of your tags for future cases. I was able to reload mine from that, and might save you a bit of time depending on how many changes since last backup. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help any issues that already occurred.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.2 nightly build that was uploaded today (5/16).

One question. I have a tag that writes to a database in one of these folders lost to oblivion. I have no methods of stopping it from righting as I cannot figure out how to access it. Do you know of any methods of finding the location of these folders and deleting them?