[bug-13870]Perspective Drop Down Background Color

I cant seem to figure out how to change the background color of the drop down as it sits with the default place holder. I’ve tried the ‘backgroundColor’ under all the different style options but none work.

Am i missing something obvious ?

Anyone :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like it is a property that is currently accessible. I played around with it in Chrome Dev tools for a bit, and managed to get the color to change, but ended up causing some layout issues the way I tricked the system a bit.

This might be something that would be worth requesting as a feature.

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It needs looked at as it ruins the whole theme like the example project I’m working on now…

I believe there’s a ticket already filed for this internally, but I wasn’t able to find it searching just now. I do know for sure - this is a known issue, and something we have plans to fix.

EDIT: Found it.

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Thanks Paul,

We use dropdown’s quite a bit to limit the user options so will be a big help to have the color theme match.

The text fields are set to center aligned where as the dropdown field is left aligned. Is it possible to have that centered too ?

Once the bug is repaired, you can style the options just like anything else (including text alignment).

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What’s the status on this issue? I’m looking for the ability to change the background color of the DropDown box as well.

We’ll update this thread once it’s been worked on. For now, it’s still sitting in a low priority backlog, since it’s a cosmetic only issue.

Bumping this bug. Since my app color scheme has a black background I can’t use this control. Its quite important for me to fix. Thanks.

I have added this feature over at https://inductiveautomation.canny.io/ignition-features-and-ideas/p/perspective-dropdown-list-background-color so people seriously needing this fixed can up-vote.

For what it’s worth, a large scale theming overhaul is close to completion, that’ll significantly enhance both light and dark mode themes as well as the ability to style components. I believe this is fixed as part of that issue.

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with ignition version 8.0.12 also background color not working in dropdown perspective page…

The theming update was part of 8.0.13. If you take the recent nightlies you are able to set the background color of the Perspective Dropdown.

using : 8.0.16 (b2020082513)

is this still not fixed? trying to change the text color


I can’t figure out how to change it in 8.0.14


Oh wow, sorry, I could have sworn I was using 8.0.14, but am using 8.0.12. Never mind…