[BUG-13873] Shortcut Key in Tag Editor should be more intuitive and unique

8.0.0 (b2019040718)

For example, the mnemonics used to press the buttons in the binding edit panel using the alt key (Windows) are:
Commit: Alt+A
Revert: Alt+C

These buttons appear to have the same mnemonics as the buttons to Apply and Cancel all changes to the tag/UDT itself, but these are not intuitive for these buttons and have lead me to inadvertently revert my changes instead of committing them due to using Alt+C thinking intuitively that this will Commit my changes… Conversely, using this convention does make it easier to Commit a change and then Accept the UDT/tag edit. However I think using standard convention should trump convenience in this case.


Additionally, it seems that all mnemonic character underlines have been removed from form buttons which makes it difficult to use keyboard shortcuts to push buttons if these mnemonics aren’t already known.
EDIT: I’ve created another bug for this here:

Hi nminchin

I have added an internal ticket to track this issue.