[BUG-13913] Designer Crash on deleting navigation parameter in Perspective while said parameter has focus

If your cursor has focus in the parameter Name field and you try to delete the parameter, it seems to lock up the designer. Nothing can be closed.

If I only have one parameter and I elect to delete it, I AM able to generate an IndexOutOfBoundsException (not terrible, but we could do better), but I’m not able to crash my Designer. From the looks of the property picker icon, you’re on an older version than I am. What version are you using?

I updated to the stable 8.01 version shortly before posting this. I was using an early access 8.01 prior. The stable release still had this problem. My designer was still running, but I could not close anything, save, etc.

Close the designer launcher application, if it’s running in the background.
There’s an unrelated issue (that’s already been fixed) that causes uncaught exceptions to end up hanging up the running designer.

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Understood. Thanks for the help.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.3 nightly build that was uploaded yesterday (5/23).

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